jen xxx (dorfie120pw) wrote in daisydonovan,
jen xxx

can i be in your gang???

ok, hey!

first of all i am a girl...shock horror...and i DO NOT have a crush on Daisy Donovan.

i do, however, find her EXTREMELY entertaining. my fave episode was when she was training to be a pimp "any ladies needin representin?" - how does she have the bottle to be like that?!?! i was almost wetting myself watching her! and my boyfriend is still prancing about shrieking "yo!" after her 'joy is like a toy' motivational class thingies. yep, we're fans indeed.

so i hope you'll welcome me just as much as you would if i were interested in joining in your daisy wankathon. just coz i'm a red blooded hetorosexual female, doesn't exclude me from appreciating the wit and humour of the fabulous Daisy, right?

thanks guys

jen xxx
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